George Floyd 2021 and trial

That’s quite a bit of gunfire.

That’s just celebratory gunfire commemorating 27 million payout.

I don’t think the PC BBC expected this:


Rare sight of police officers being convicted on wrongdoing in the US.

A rarer sight would be accurate initial reporting but whatever.

Twenty years seems about right. Good riddance.

He was a good man and a good cop but for 8 minutes and 43 seconds he wrongly assessed what was going on.

George Floyd was a career criminal who died doing what he loved, crime. What if the gun went off while he held it to the pregnant woman’s belly? That’s your hero

GF’s legacy is skyrocketing crime including violent crime and murder. Murder in Milwaukee is up 87 percent. Similar numbers in USA big cities after GF.

This is an aspect of James Q Wilson’s Broken Windows

Lincoln’s name has been removed from schools

But Schools, newborns, libraries , athletic fields streets, parks now named after a career criminal, George Floyd


Reminiscent of French Revolution, cultural Revolution, and the like.

Individuals are feted or cursed
not for the individuals behavior
but as a sort a lightning rod for the mob feelings of the moment .

And like OJ Simpson turned into a hero



Bullshit. GF’s shittiness doesn’t elevate the cop.

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Thomas Lane sentenced.

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