German Aids Campaigne

Which of the following most closely relates to your relationship of the ad with AIDS.

    1. Hitler was a metaphor of the illness.
    1. Hitler was a metaphor the sufferers.
    1. No association.
    1. Other.

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Link NSFW (couple copulating)

is it acceptable to use hitler/stalin as a metaphor for the disease that is a mas murderer

or does this reflect too badly on the sufferers?

That’s a frightening one.

In the year 2015 or so we see him in a used car ad, I am sure…

Confusing. I think Hitler was not interested in sex, having only one testicle and no kids. :laughing:
They should have used a photo of Freddie Mercury instead.

It’s even more confusing if you haven’t heard of the German AIDS campagin. :laughing:

Yeah. I saw that ad and it was pretty twisted and not even close to accurate. :loco: I doubt Hitler had ever made that facial expression once in his life. He was almost the opposite of sadistic… psychologically speaking, that is…

Maybe they should have put Chairman Mao in there instead… he was rumored to have knowingly passed STDs to ballerina girls after performances he watched… :unamused: