German Kitchen or German Soul?

Well even if she was asking about GDR, why would it matter? She’s not German and the GDR was a far-off communist regime that’s been defunct (and thus irrelevant) for over three decades.

But as for actual GDR dishes I remember he had an East German version of schnitzel, served with tomato sauce and pasta (it’s better than it sounds).

Also, the currywurst is great, which you can find all over Germany, but he said it’s especially popular in the East.

There were some other Eastern twists on some dishes, but I forget.

You must not be a believer in the study of history if you think a nation being defunct makes it irrelevant-- let alone a nation that existed within most of our lifetimes (!) The splitting and ultimate reunification of Germany is one of the most significant events of the Cold War.

That’s really neither here nor there, though-- The answer to your question “Why would it matter?” is that it would mean it makes sense to respond to a question about food with a condescending definition of the country. What Vietnamese dishes do you like? Oh, well, you see, Vietnam is a nation in Southeast Asia blah blah blah.

Thank you for naming the dishes in the followup.

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Jesus… chill.

Ha! Do you even see the irony in telling someone who fairly and honestly answers your condescending question to “chill”? The chill thing would be to not ask questions you don’t want the answer to.

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Thank you. Interesting the name is Democratic Republic, did not know that. I just know it was East Germany東德 . Taiwan EU history lessons not so detailed or I pay more attention to Asia as a student, and that split happened for me before I was born.

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I wanted to know about the food and GDR name, but the name info was also useful as in Taiwan I did not spend a lot of time on EU history. I do know it was 東德 but not the full name as GDR. I did not mean to offend anyone, just did not know and was asking what I did not know.

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What question? I don’t even know what you’re referring to. I did not think a thread about restaurants was the appropriate place to use my knowledge of history as a cudgel to hammer my superiority over others. If anyone here is being condescending or acting as if he’s better than anyone else here, it’s you. The poster didn’t know about the name or the history (as she confirmed above), so I told her and it’s not a big deal. So give it a rest already.

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Sorry my question made all this trouble. I did not know this was sensitive topic and did not mean hurt anyone’s feelings and will be careful what I say.

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It’s not your fault at all! It’s good to be curious and there’s nothing wrong with asking questions about things you don’t know about. Before I came here there was plenty of stuff about Taiwan’s history I didn’t know about. I’m not sure what the other guy’s problem is, but let’s just ignore him. Back to the food!


Only been to German Soul. Loved the place.


Interesting topic, I couldn’t find much useful in english about eastern German food. Being from the west I only had a small glimpse at Eastern dishes and food traditions when dating a saxonian girl for a few years. (She did not have a saxonian accent by the way, which is widely considered the least sexy German accent)

You can see some eastern European or even russian influences on some dishes (explainable probably by the cold war allegiance to the Soviet Union), while others seem to be simply very regional. In (formerly) very poor areas like the Ore Mountains for example, super simple peasant dishes like potatoes with quark and flax seed oil seen to have survived. Many dishes also seem to have in common that they reflect the often experienced lack of ingredients, so people had to improvise.

One GDR favourite was Soljanka, some kind of eastern style stew. Great!

Another favourite of mine was Sunday roast with potato dumplings. This tradition I feel was not very common in the parts of Germany where I grew up, but seemingly especially well observed for example in the relatively wealthy Vogtland region.


Sunday Roast, I had it in England and Ireland did not know it was regional German food, as well. (Best one I had was at Ye Olde King’s Head pub which is not in the UK) Thanks for the mention of this and Soljanka which I want to try.

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Hmmm… Are there any places in Taiwan serving this? German Soul (back to topic) sometimes has one it the other classic if I saw correctly. But I never tried it - a bit far.

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If I remember this post, I will go try. Not too far away for me,


Photo looks great!


You asked the question “Why would it matter?” He answered your question. You told him to chill, in a way that indicated that you were probably the one who needed to chill. Don’t ask questions if you don’t want answers, and don’t insult those who answer them. This doesn’t have to be difficult.

Was it really worth continuing this from 2 months ago?

I responded when I saw it, and it appeared no one had answered your question yet— though it certainly wasn’t difficult to answer by reading the thread.

I personally like a lot of sauerkraut and a lot of mashed potatoes on my plate.

Doesn’t appear either of them have large portions of those.

Let’s move on.

Hope German Soul is doing well during this difficult period. I’ve been ordering them on Uber a couple times a week.

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