German old Mark association


So apparently there are people who are protesting that Germany hasn’t repaid old war bonds and have been fly Nazi flags around and have Nazi decals on the taxis. You would think they were nazis if you couldn’t read Chinese.


90 year old bonds…good luck with that.


I think the U.K made good on bonds from the 1700s before so. I’m guessing the bonds if paid would be a handsome sum, so why not?


There have been so many attempts over the last 70 years to get money for these bonds… Most of them were stolen by Russian soldiers iirc and they will not be paid out. As a bond owner you have to prove that they were purchased legally before the end of WW2. Good luck with that.


Are the bonds worth anything as a historic piece of paper? How much would you pay for one?


I looked into them, it seems actual copies go for about 10-20 USD on the market for collectors that I saw.


Yes, as Andrew said. The market for this would be mostly Germany/Europe itself, there are quite a few collectors. Just make sure you have a valid stamped bond together with the uncut coupons. If you have just one of the two it’s probably worthless.