German student denied China visa extension after making a short film about human rights activists

He was detained by police being with Lin Qilei who is a human rights lawyer in China.

Here is the short film:

Missal now wants to go back to the Free University of Berlin and possibly study in Taiwan.

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Um, how is this surprising? If you’re in China, don’t do stupid shit like that. He’s lucky he’s not locked up and re-educated, rather than just having a visa extension denied.

Not that I’m supporting the Chinese wankers, of course. Best if no-one ever goes there at all.


In my opinion his movie is not bad at all, worth watching. I’m suprised they could not force him to give up his material. And it’s also suprising that his university let him do as much work as he did.

I don’t think the student was stupid, he already knew about the freedom of press in China. He will have no problem continuing his studies elsewhere and the publicity will help him find a job, as he already showed that he does not fear covering touchy topics.
However, if he were unlucky it could have ended in prison for him. And if the movie gets really popular, then the attorney and his friends might also get some trouble.


Not sure if “stupid” is the right word. Risky. Foolhardy perhaps. Being German doesn’t protect you from the expected behaviour of dictatorships. At least not with any reliable guarantee.

But yeah, the world would be a much better place if people simply didn’t support the Chinese state with their $$.


Good for him.


Publicity for him at the expense of the locals activists? While he enjoys his 15 minutes of fame, he doesn’t seem to consider what may happen to those in his film.

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If the document gets popular those in it could be I’m real trouble.
Still they probably knew that already.
Some real tough resilient people in China you have to admire them!

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Did they ask to be filmed and published? (Just asking, haven’t seen it.)

Global Times weighs in

“If Missal was a Chinese student studying in Germany, the Chinese people would accept he must obey German law. But the worst part is some Germans and Western people believe that their laws should play the dominant role in friction between China and the West, even in China. The reason is they believe their laws are universal.”

For forumosans who are unaware of the Global Times, it is a Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece, and in no way similar to an actual newspaper with an independent editorial stance.



As reported by Fox News.

I assure you I am not reporting for Fox News.

It’s interesting you’d dig this up two years later to implicitly defend the Global Times. Why?



All media is controlled by the state in China. Independent media isn’t allowed. No left, no right, only the party’s opinion. Has nothing to do with Fox news.


And with trump and the RNC US is learning from that and slowly inching its way there.

This is a two year old dead topic about China.