Get a DVD player prgrammed to play all regional codes?

Anyone know where I can take my old DVD player to get it reprogrammed to play DVDs of all regional codes?

(I’ve found an electronics store that will do this for new DVD players purchased from them, but they aren’t too keen on doing it for an old DVD player purchased eleswhere.)

We might be able to give you more advice if you tell us the make and model of your player.

Note that changing your player to multi-region is illegal in Taiwan (go figure), so I’m ASSUMING you’re posting from outside of Taiwan… 'K?

Not all players can be “reprogrammed”, that’s why they don’t do ones they don’t know about. Either there is a handset hack (if the makers put one in, in which case you’re lucky), or they need a hardware hack (which might end up more expensive then buying a new regionfree one), or maybe it can’t be done at all. It depends on the make and model.

There’s many many threads on this in the Technology forum.

do a web search on your model and “region free code” if the code exists you’ll prolly find it

Thanks for the replies. My machine is a Region 3 Sony DVP-NS300. I did some searching out of curiousity and found access codes, although my manufacturer remote control does not provide a way to enter them.

I think I’ll just get a new player, as it’s probably about time anyway.

I gave up on finding a working code for my Kolin. I bought this player from It does the business.

Assuming your writing from somewhere other than Taiwan, try searching “dvd hacker codes”. You will find many sites and the codes for many hundreds of DVD players. You simply burn a CD using the code and a text editor on your computer. Insert the newly burned CD and push the play button on your DVD. Wait about 30 seconds for your DVD to get up to speed and read the code. You should see the new region setting on your screen and your done.
Not all players are listed but I’m sure the lists are updated often. Also, I am sure some companys have implemented a way to thwart this method of region changing. Anyway, it work for me.