Get me to London!

It seems that I’m not the only person in Taiwan who wants to leave here at Chinese New Year. I have been given time off work from Jan 15th to Jan 31st. BUT… I am having a merry old time trying to get a ticket to London. The prices range from ridiculous to outrageous. I have also been put onto a couple of ‘waiting lists’ from companies with reasonable prices. But they can’t tell me how far down the list I am, or if I have any chance of getting the ticket. Does anyone have any experience of trying to get to London at Chinese New Year? What is a reasonable price? Should I just start walking now? Help Forumosans.

Not of going to London . . . but . . .

Tickets do get booked early, however, many people have mulitple bookings so if you can get a good travel agent to push for your ticket as people hit the payment deadline you should be right. Book several - like everybody else, and grab whatever comes up. Prices do rise awfully.