Get Your Hands Off My Bag

Here’s a question: I go into a pub before they start charging their entry fee. I have dinner and then leave. An hour later, I realize that I left my bag inside. I go back, but the bouncer / bouncerette say I must pay the entry fee if I want to go in and get my bag. Otherwise, I can come and get it the next day. What are my rights?

If it were me, I’d ask politely if the police would need to pay an entry fee to investigate the theft of my bag on their premises. In fact, that’s exactly what my wife said to the bouncer at a certain well-known An-he Rd. watering hole, except in her case it was a laptop. Surprise surprise, they went STRAIGHT to the bar, picked up the laptop where it had been handed in (they knew it was there all along), and came out with it.

Sandy, I love your wife’s style.

i would just start to shout around and make 'em such a scene, that they would be happy to let me in and get my bag…but i guess i’ve been to mainland china too long…=)

Which pubs were these? That sort of behaviour is so outrageous that I’d almost think you guys were making it up.

Jesus Christ, Wolf, Sandie just said a “certain An He Road establishent.”

It appears that Jojo has more than a little mojo.

May I move this into the Carnegie’s thread? It’s not really about human rights…

Ummm… We are talking about Carnegie’s here, right?

No, we’re talking about the bar where “geeky, paunchy, middle-aged” men try hard to land younger Taiwanese women. Said men can, usually, be found dancing on the bar of said establishement after 1am.