Getting a driver's license on a tourist visa?

Hi there,

would it somehow be possible for me, on a tourist visa, to actually get a (250cc+)motorcycle driver’s license in Taiwan? Or is this really just possible with an ARC?

does anybody have any experience with this?

thank you :slight_smile:

Not likely, BUT! If you have a licence, you may be able to use an International Driver’s Permit in conjunction with your licence from your own country, province, state or territory.

Where are you from?


In order to get a 250cc+ you need to have had the <250cc licence for one year no?


Try looking and asking on this FB group


I had read somewhere I can’t remember (meaning probably on this forum) that IDP’s are only recognized for cars (even if registered), and that you can’t drive a moto/scooter above 50cc here without a local license.

The second link you posted is about “registering” the IDP, which can include bikes, but the page makes no mention of restrictions to only car.

Are there more pieces to this puzzle?

Iirc, it should be explicitly written that you can drive motorcycle with size on your IDP.

Yes that’s how IDP works, my point was that I read (somewhere) that no matter what it says on your IDP, Taiwan only recognizes the car portion of IDP, and won’t let you drive a motorcycle of any size above 50cc without a local license.

nein it’s impossiburu.

Taiwan has 50cc (with car license), 250cc (in leu of the usual 125) and Heavy bike. You have to have your 250 for over a year to apply for your heavy licence.

Looks like there is no option listed for those without an ARC. That answers the question then. not possible. :confused: Thanks