Getting A Drivers License - Taichung

Good morning everyone!

My USA (Illinois) drivers license expires in 2 years, but I wanted to get my license here regardless. I know I can’t trade in my listener for one here, so I’ll need to take the exams. I’m living in Xitun, Taichung, and need to ask help for the following:

  1. Where can I go to find the drivers manual/ road rules for the written test?
  2. Where can I go to take the written and driving test in English? (My Chinese ability is virtually 0)


  1. Where can I go to get heavy motorcycle classes in English?
  2. How can I get the heavy motorcycle designation added to my license?

I’m an American with a valid license, resident for over a year, have my USA motorcycle license (former owner of a Suzuki 650 Boulevard), and have an International Drivers Permit, as well as the certificate from the DMV that my IDL has been Registered.

Thanks in advance everyone!

sample exam



Signs-True or False

if you wouldn’t get an answer here, they must know.


Written test is on a computer and you can do it in English if you want.

How many questions are on the actual test?

I’m about to study those 500+ rules/TF/signs. I hope the actual test isn’t anything close to that.

English one can be worded weird. Also the study book is in Chinese. To study without knowing Chinese you must do the English practice test giving you random questions. So you may have to do the practice test 20 times to see all the questions.

Do you remember how many questions/how long the computer test takes?

I think the test has 40 questions. I don’t remember how long they give you. There’s another post I made about my experience. Maybe look there.

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The examination contains 40 questions, each question worth 2.5 marks. The examination duration is 30 minutes.

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Thank you

Did you try the road test?

I’m going Monday or Tuesday. I’m pretty sure I’m going to fail. I was watching some kids do it yesterday and it seems like there’s a lot to remember.

It’s actually 50 questions now, and you are only allowed 5 wrong answers