Getting a mortgage for a foreigner possible?

Hi There!

Just wondering if anyone has an update on their successes/failures in obtaining a mortgage?
I am an Australian Citizen but my husband is a Taiwanese citizen.
Would getting a mortgage in my name (as my salary is higher) be a problem if my husband is the guarantor?
If the mortgage is in my name I would like the house to be in my name too :slight_smile:
We won’t be needing a huge mortgage, probably only $2 million NTD or so
If you have any recommendations on Banks/branches/Staff worth talking to I would appreciate it!


P.S. most of our NTD savings are in my standard chartered account and that’s where I deposit my salary. The rest of (and majority of) our savings are currently in Australia and we would transfer the money to Taiwan for the deposit

@Marco Did you end up getting the credit card, and if so what did the mortgage look like?

No. And they decided to give me the run around for the mortgage. All sorts of things changing etc… rules changing. Then supposedly not offering mortgages anymore.

:man_facepalming: That’s insane. I’ve been thinking about trying to buy instead of rent for all the usual reasons, but overall it seems like it would be a waste of time and money…better to rent first, get some stability, and then work on buying if it’s really necessary.

It was Cathay. So NO. I won’t recommend them. When signing up, everything seemed fine and dandy. I want to buy and can afford it, but these hurdles slow me down significantly and completely destroys my competitiveness.

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