Getting a scooter licence after getting a car licence

I swapped my home country car licence for a Taiwanese car licence and now I want to get my local scooter licence here. Which test do I book? The one with the safety awareness lesson and the written test, or the one that just has the riding test?

Riding test only. (edit: I guess the rule has changed since I got my scooter license after exchanging a car license in 2017.)


Didn’t they change the regulations some time ago so both test are required now…?




Yeah, this answer is not correct. As posted above, even with a car license, you still need to take and pass written and riding test to get medium/heavy motorcycle license.

I edited my response. Although it seems like a dumb policy. If you know how drive a car you know the rules of the road already. Scooter rules are not much different than they are for cars. Typical Taiwan to make you take a test…

Maybe they want everyone to watch the scooter video of scooters being hit by trucks, cars, and other scooters.