Getting a tourist visa at CKS airport

I used to live in Taiwan on a resident visa through my job. I now live in Shanghai. When I return to get shitfaced with my mates is the visa-free entry thing just a matter of presenting one’s passport to the immigration officer? I will only be staying for 5 days. I will have a return ticket. Anything else I should know about? Payment? Cavity searches?

Just turn up, show them your passport and you will get 14 days. Some of your ‘mates’ are arranging with the Immigration Services to have you cavity searched and we have requested that a podium be built between carousels 4 and 5 so that the whole spectacle can be witnessed by fellow arrivees. We don’t need paying for arranging for this on your behalf but when you can walk again, feel free to buy us all a beer.


-On behalf of the Lord Lucan Welcome Back Organising Committee

Visa exempt entry is 30 days

Pardon me. I was going on what it was when I first got here. Since then I pay taxes and don’t go on these ‘visa runs’.


I dunno, but doing two visa runs a month instead of the prescribed one could be read as an eagerness to have the cavity searched.


or he drinks a lot of duty free alcohol.

which doesn’t really make sense in HK.

But it might of you were the manager of a big and popular nightclub/bar/eaterie. Hmm.


The only catch besides needing an onward ticket and holding a passport from a visa-free country is that you will need to have at least 6 months remaining on your passport. If you do not have at least 6 months left you will need to apply for a landing visa at the visa booth near immigration and pay a fee (around TW$3000 but depends on which country you are from).

PS: It’s Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport now.