Getting a working visa

Hi everybody,

A company (this job is in the software engineering field) wants to hire me and is ready to sponsor me. My Student based ARC is valid until the Sept. 4th. If we start the working visa process next week, I can guess I won’t get it by the Sept. 4th. Does this mean I would have to leave Taiwan or am I allowed to stay while the immigration is processing my file ? Do you know what is the best way to deal with this problem ? Has anyone have ever gone through a similar situation ? All your advice are welcome…

Thank you very much!!!

It’s going to be touch and go - you will have to go to your local police station and get an extension; if you give then evidence that your work permit is being processed they may give you an extension. Go earlier rather than later. The foreign affairs police, for the most part, are very helpful; if you are well-dressed and have a friendly manner, I have found they are very flexible and willing to bend the rules to sort you out.