Getting added to husband's Household Registration

I followed all your advices and have prepared an authenticated marriage certificate and an authenticated birth certificate for our daughter who is now 3 years old.

Are these documents enough to get my name and our daughter’s name added to my husband’s household registration?

If yes, should my daughter and I be physically here in taiwan or can my husband do it for us? What about my daughter’s Taiwanese passport? Can her father apply for her also?

I am now pregnant with our 2nd child and wishes to stay longer in my home country.

Please clarify your situation more fully . . . . What are the nationalities of the husband and the wife?

Where are you living now?

My husband is Taiwanese (w/ ID and he finished his military duty). I am Filipino and our daughter was born in the Philippines so she has a Phil passport.

Currently, we are all here in taiwan. I am here on a work visa and so I never needed a JFRV before. My daughter is here (JFRV) because of me.

My contract as a teacher expires soon and I would like to go home for the birth of my 2nd child.

I intend to come back and was hoping my husband could just present the authenticated marriage and birth certificate to the Household registration office in taoyuan so that our names could be added.

If our names are added, then applying for a visa at TECO Manila is easier.

So, can he add our names without us having to be physically here in taiwan?

I would definitely advise you to register and/or process as much paperwork as you can in Taiwan before you return to the Philippines . . . . . .

Is your marriage registered at the local household registration office where you live in Taiwan? That is a necessary first step of course.

The more official registrations and paperwork you can assemble to show your own (and your children’s) significant connections to Taiwan, the better.

You will need all that documentation when you apply for visas in Manila . . . . .


We got married in the Philippines because our gov’t (MECO) told me we couldn’t marry here. It was also easier to get a married certificate from my country.

So we are not registered locally but our papers (marriage and birth) have been authenticated by TECO Manila.

You said to process us much paperwork as possible before applying for a visa. So, can my husband still add our names to his Household registration without us being present?


I don’t see the issue of you (the “foreign spouse”) being not present . . . .
you are in Taiwan now, aren’t you?

Your first step is to get the marriage registered at the Household Registration Office in Taiwan. That will involve getting a notation in the “Remarks column” that you are the wife, the date of the marriage, etc.