Getting an APRC

I intend to get my PR (Permanent Residency) in Taiwan. I have already been here for three and a half years. It was brought to my attention by my Chinese teacher, who is an Asian foreigner, that the laws are changing. Rather that waiting for three years in Taiwan to get her APRC, she has already been granted one after only a year and a half.

When my school was messing with my ARC, I had the chance to look at the back of a form (Multi Purpose Sheet for Information Changes for Foreigners, or something like that). It said I needed Taiwan tax receipts or info for the last three years and police reports from my home country and Taiwan for the last five years. I was always under the impression that we must be here seven years to get aa APRC, but if my teacher is correct, then I have the opportunity to apply earlier. Does anyone know of any changes to the law? Or, do you know of any info that differs from what I know? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

You may be confusing your Chinese teacher’s status as “permanent resident” when actually it is something else.

There are several threads about Permanent Residency in this Legal Matters Forum. I suggest that you check them out.

Meanwhile, the application requirements are here.

That was very helpful.

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have you proceed with the application of APRC?

Mr Hartzell. I’ve read the copy of the law in English at your site and still have some doubt I want to clarify.

It says that a foreigner need to live for a consecutive of 7 years with minimum 183 days presence each year.

I have stayed here for three years now with more than 183 days presence each year. Can I start applying now? or Should I wait till I complete 7 years of stay?



7 years means 7 years, they don’t give bonus days for being a good boy and living here longer than you need to every year.

thank you. that’s all I need to confirm. Talk to you in 4 years:)