Getting an ARC through Entrepreneurship?


I am planning on opening up a company with two local (Taiwanese) friends in the near future. I was not born here (Canadian), and was wondering if I can sponsor myself for an ARC.

This way I don’t need to continue doing my other job and I can focus on business.

Does anyone have experience with this? I have yet to learn about the fees to setup a business (I’ve heard about 100,000NT), so I would think they would be suspect of foreigners opening a business just to avoid the ARC process and laws.

If anyone can help me out that would be much appreciated.

I think a lot of the details you are looking for are covered here:

[Llary's (almost) Complete Guide to Rep. Office Registration

Thanks for the link.

I have read that now.

Still, I won’t be setting up a foreign company, it will be a local company.


I am preparing to create my own company too, and I am pretty new on this field.
I am still wondering where to establish the company, Taiwan or HK.
For info, I am not Taiwanese too.

Did you get any new information about setting up a company in Taiwan ?


As far as I know, you need NT$1 million to set up a business here as a foregin investor.
You should be able to find some more details here - in english