Getting Hired Overseas during the Pandemic

Hey guys,
I realize that there’s an epidemic going on and as such Taiwan has restricted foreign nationals from entering the country. My question is, what if a person is hired by a cram school through a webcam interview. Would a contract be sufficient to bypass the restriction? I just dont believe no cram schools are not currently hiring. They would be severely understaffed otherwise.

That’s a lot of negatives!


“fulfilling business contracts” is one reason the government gave to allow visits. That sounds like a contract to work would apply, but I don’t think it’s been confirmed or demonstrated yet. Whether schools are looking to add people is another question right now.


Thanks. Thats true. Itd have to be a school willing to hire and willing to go through the trouble.

Two public junior highs near me are recruiting FETs, so they either are banking on this pandemic being over or expect to have their FETs show up and self quarantine. The government hasn’t told them not to follow through anyway.

Well, I guess she ain’t never gonna not be disbelieving that no school be not hiring during this no-entry allowed period or nothing. :man_shrugging:


There were new FET’s that came into Taiwan during the last 4 months of 2020. For me, I was teaching in northern Taiwan last year until they refused to renew my contract, and I was about to leave Taiwan until all of a sudden I got a job offer where I am.

The travel restrictions have become tighter in certain countries like my country Canada. I am hoping and praying that I get to renew my contract at my current school because to be honest, I like my EFL job here better than the bilingual program in northern Taiwan.

Generally, it’s not a good time to be recruiting any new foreign teachers here because of the pandemic. I hope that the vaccines will start rolling out soon because none of that has been done here in Taiwan.

Kinda off topic but how’s the new job treating ya?

It’s going well, better than the one I had last year.

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