Getting income tax refund before leaving Taiwan

I’ll be leaving Taiwan in the middle of August and will be able to claim a rebate for my income tax for this year.
From looking at some old information, it seems that you need to nominate a Taiwanese citizen to collect the refund? Is this still the case that the refund won’t be processed before I leave?

What happens if you don’t know anyone to nominate? I believe that direct transfer to a Taiwanese bank account is possible, but have also seen that you cannot access your account from overseas after your ARC is cancelled, is this correct?

Thanks so much for your help.

I’d love to know the answer to this question as well!

My boss is grumpy and unwilling to help me receive the refund check when I leave the country soon (nor would I trust him to deliver the money to me safely). I’ve no one else in Taiwan I trust to receive the refund for me either. The tax office said they could send the refund check to the U.S. but my impression’s that it would be a pain/ expensive to find a bank at home to cash it.

If I were to open a bank account before leaving would I be able to withdraw the funds with a debit card after my ARC has been cancelled? Related - If I leave the country permanently while on an ARC extension (visit the tax office with tax docs and flight reservation), will my ARC be cancelled?

Any input on ease of opening an account with Bank of Taiwan?

Most banks keep your atm card function open even if your arc expires, ask to make sure. For example E. Sun didn’t have any issues with expired arc and ATM access.

Just ensure you apply at the bank to open the ATM withdrawal function before you leave or confirm that it is open.

Some banks will give you bs about withdrawals from abroad as a foreigner…make sure they open your card for that.

Opened an account with Bank of Taiwan today after about 45 minutes of waiting, form signing, and many sheets of paper. I should be able to pick up my visa debit card with foreign withdrawal capabilities next Friday.

I’ll double check the expiration terms on the account and make sure the bank knows I plan to withdraw funds abroad when I pick the card up.