Getting married; need a new, better job

Hi everyone, I’m getting married this June, but I’m currently working part-time at a Kid Castle. The money and hours are not near enough. I’m confident I can always find another cram school job, but I’m wondering if someone has something better they can give me a leg up in. You’d be doing me a HUGE favor and helping me get my family started right, if that means anything. :notworthy:

Basically, I’ve got a TESOL certificate and 2 years of cram school experience, 4 years of tutoring experience, and one Winter English Camp under my belt so far. I’m especially interested in private school ESL jobs, adult cram schools, and things off the beaten “TEACHER PLAY GAME” sticky ball tossing path. I know I’m good for it, as I’ve tutored all ages, and I’m energetic and enthusiastic in the classroom. Another asset will be the fact that I’ll have a JFRV by late June. I am also willing to supplement a cram school job with a morning kindy gig.

I’ve been applying to jobs on all the normal sites; Taiwanted, Tealit, ESL Employment, etc. I’m based in Taipei (Wenshan) now but also considering a move to Taoyuan. If you know of anyone who could help me continue my search, or who has a lead, that’d be much appreciated. Perhaps you or someone you know are moving or quitting your solid job, or maybe you know of a site I don’t. In any case, thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Probably this thread will be totally silent because I realize this is kind of a long shot. But if, on the off-chance, you think you can help… even with some kind of full-time editing job or whatever, I’m interested in hearing about it! Thanks so much.

Wish ya luck brother. Hope that helps ‘cause I’m rootin’ for ya. Someone once said that if you want something badly enough you will get it. Cheers.

Then it seems I will get it, because I want it quite badly.

If you plan to remain in Taiwan long term consider (and I know it may not be feasible) going back home for a year to do a teaching certificate. Only a year and it will set you up nicely for the coming decade or so.

Other than that, you could look into technical writing if you have any interest in writing. Pay is pretty low the first year or so from what I know but again it would be something long term and also a transferable skill if you ever plan to return home. Some universities have online programs in technical writing (such as Simon Fraser in Vancouver) if you want to get some early training.

I really want to get a teaching certificate but it’s just so hard to think of with a wife.

Can she hold the fort down while you are away? That is, work and support herself while you study? I know it sounds hard but it’s a year and sacrifices like this are best made early. My wife dropped out of an interpretation program when we got married as she was doing it overseas. The opportunity to go back to it never came in the coming years and then it became too late. It’s a shame as it would have made a very big difference to her and our lives. The time apart then would be meaningless now.

Maybe your wife can go back with you while you study, then she can work while you get the cert, something like that.

I don’t want to leave her, even for that. Actually, she could go with me, but now wouldn’t be the right time. I think I’m just going to pick up some credentials like DELTA, CELTA, and maybe an online TESOL MA from one of those Aussie universities. I won’t be able to be a lecturer at a public university, but it should get me the jobs, some good learnin’, and in the meantime I’ll brush up GEPT, GRE, TOEFL, TOEIC, etc. I think the trick is specializing. One day we will inevitably go back for a few years anyway, and I don’t think we’re about to totally strike out here. Worst case scenario, I work at cram schools a couple more years before I find a better gig. When we come back to America for a few years I’ll DEFINITELY get the teaching license.

Got a job interview at a certain well-reputed international school. Any recommendations for games or activities to try in a demo lesson? Thanks for everyone’s brainstorming and support!

What kind of teacher’s license are you talking about that would only take one year to complete? Does this include observation time?
Does it matter what state you grew up in in the US?

hi mate, good luck with the demo… perhaps you can say which age/grade you will be teaching for the demo and what the school wants you to teach (grammar, etc.)

Should be somewhere between grades 1-6, but beyond that I haven’t been given anything to work with yet. However, they will give me the materials and then let me plan my lesson for 40 minutes to 1 hours. The lesson I teach will run about 25 minutes.

It does not really matter which activity you choose, but make sure you take a few minutes to introduce the material first before starting the activity. The main thing people look for is class control/interaction with the students. Do not start with a 10 minute warm-up getting to know kids’ names. And walk around the classroom. You can ask questions into the air and hope somebody answers, but it is also good to ask one or two students who did not raise their hands to answer. This shows that you will make sure everybody participates. Also, do not be afraid to walk towards a student or address a student who misbehaves.
I’m saying all this thinking that you’re not talking about a cram school. Also, dress nice. We’ve had people pitch up wearing shorts or sandals (dudes!).
Good luck!

Usually a multiple subject credential is only a year long program. You study all three quarters but the second and third you student teach full time and do classes at night. Observation is done during the first quarter.

Can anyone recommend a good (low price/well recognized) University in the States to apply for this kind of teaching program?

Someone recommended that Framingham school in this thread… You can get a TESOL MA with a teaching license with intensive classes and do the coursework at campuses even in South Korea.

That doesn’t seem very much.

[quote=“Gladiator”]Friend, if you are married I feel for you.

Find other ways to make money; Teaching, and associated complications ‘officialy’, other than results with privates being the best at their schools (and more work), are kinda dead end.

Find the private students who excel best and you will make what you need. My own laziness is costing me 1,000 NTD per week, just couldn’t care as I am going home.

Good luck, no matter what your ventures.[/quote]

Do you think the OP might improve his employment chances if he got more teaching qualifications, Gladiator?