Getting new business work permit for Visa application if out of the Country

I’m in the process of setting up a new LLC in Taiwan.
A CPA is helping me with this process by PoA .

After company registration is complete by MOEA how do I apply for work permit to use for Visa?

I have no ARC I left Taiwan on tourist visa.

Your CPA should be the one helping you with that.

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Thanks I shall talk to him.

I was kinda hoping to go about myself to get to understand how stuff with MOEA goes about.
Being out of the country makes things difficult. I’m stuck in UK for a while yet, circumstances not what I planned on.

Even though I did mine in the country, I wouldn’t have known what to do and what to prepare. My CPA took care of everything minus the ARC cause once you have the work permit, the ARC is a standard application. But yeah he should know what financial documents go towards the work permit app.


Many thanks :white_check_mark:

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