Getting out of conscription?

What are the legal ways to get out of conscription?

invest more than 10M NT$ in a company

Waste your life away on MSc’s and PhD’s until you’re too old to do it.

I really can’t understand why people get so upset about conscription. It’s only, what, 14 months now. Why go through years of draft-dodging just for that? Show some keenness instead of going through the motions and you might actually enjoy it. Volunteers get a much easier ride. Guy I used to know (上尉 at the age of 30) was having a whale of a time.

If you can’t stand the idea of getting up at 5am and doing exercises, I’m told it’s possible to go in as a desk-jockey instead, if you have some appropriate academic background.

It could even be less than 14 months now. I met a young lad this week who claims to have been exempted for being underweight. I know you can be too fat but it would seem far more damaging to one’s health to deliberately reach the requisite level of obesity just to avoid a year of mild physical activity. Can you plead insanity?

Get your wife pregnant and kill 2 birds with 1 stone: do alternative civic service for 6 months less than one hour’s drive from home, and help raise Taiwan’s low birth rate.

Also includes:

Men qualifying for alternative service due to their dependents being mentally or physically disabled, elderly or bedridden, or receiving welfare payments would also be allowed to serve near their homes, it said.

Additionally, the definition of dependents would be broadened to include spouses of a person’s siblings or those who fit the Civil Code category of “persons who are not relatives, but who live in the same household with the object of maintaining the common living permanently,” it said, adding that the measure is appropriate in light of increasing diversity in family situations.

After the changes are passed, eligible men could apply for alternative service at the appropriate civil affairs office, it said.