Getting out of conscription?


What are the legal ways to get out of conscription?


invest more than 10M NT$ in a company


Waste your life away on MSc’s and PhD’s until you’re too old to do it.

I really can’t understand why people get so upset about conscription. It’s only, what, 14 months now. Why go through years of draft-dodging just for that? Show some keenness instead of going through the motions and you might actually enjoy it. Volunteers get a much easier ride. Guy I used to know (上尉 at the age of 30) was having a whale of a time.

If you can’t stand the idea of getting up at 5am and doing exercises, I’m told it’s possible to go in as a desk-jockey instead, if you have some appropriate academic background.


It could even be less than 14 months now. I met a young lad this week who claims to have been exempted for being underweight. I know you can be too fat but it would seem far more damaging to one’s health to deliberately reach the requisite level of obesity just to avoid a year of mild physical activity. Can you plead insanity?