Getting rid of ants

I have a huge problem with antz… There is a restraunt on the first floor below the house and it seems like the restraunt is attracting all these antz and its everywhere. No matter how clean the room is, ants are still everywhere. I tried raid and it seems its like spraying water on ants… anything that works better for antz?

Me too.
They are constantly in the cats’ food, which means I have to throw away a lot of really expensive Science Diet. And because of the cats I can’t really use poison. Sometimes I put down food especially for the ants near the places they like to come in so they don’t actually have to come into the house to explore. I also leave water out for them in those spots. It seems to work quite well unless I give the cats meat. Then it’s Grand Central Station in here. Try making some soup…I know ant soup is a popular dish in some places.

Dont they have those ant bait stuff?? do they even work?

If you are going to mess with the spelling make sure it is an improvement. Dogz, OK. But antz makes no sense because T is a voiceless sound. Thanks.

f’shizzle my n’izzle

Pyrethum, pennyroyal, tansy, southernwood, cinnamon, crushed red pepper, bay leaves, chalk, talcum/baby powder, eucalyptus oil, white vinegar - all are said to deter ants by one way or another, and none are toxic to cats (maybe birds, though). Spread across the ants’ trail, and it should deter them.

Lizards will do it, too.

Or get an anteater as a housepet. We don’t have any for adoption, sadly. :wink:

Can’t say I’ve ever had a problem with antz. Sure, it wasn’t his best work, but still.

I like ants. They eat flea eggs, rice weevils and termites. Try placing weevil-infested rice grains in areas of ant activity and watch in wonderment at the ants pull the weevil grubs out of the rice grains and carry them away!

I like ants too now that I’m all mature and nice. I remember torturing the poor buggers with ever-shrinking soap circles as a kid, and eating a couple at varsity, but now I’m all about spreading the love.
However, the cats don’t seem to want to eat the food once the ants have gotten to it. Maybe they leave an ant acid trail or something…those things sure taste funky.

Why not try only putting out the cat food at mealtimes and putting leftovers straight in the fridge?

Someone gave me a prescription to clean up stuff with salt water and the ants would never visit those areas again. Yet to try it but if anyone tries and it works, let us know. :wink:

our cats eats the ants - just licks them up from time to time … :astonished:

My grandmother used a syrup of Boric acid (H3BO3) and sugar.

This was then used as bait that the ants then took back to their colony and fed to the other ants. Theory was that the stuff would then kill the queen and it would be good-bye ants. It’s not a quick fix though and you need to keep putting it out till the ants stop comming. Also don’t sweep away the dead ants - let the survivors carry the dead away back to their nest - that spreads the poison back to the nest even more.

I would suggest putting it inside something that the cats cant get into, boric acid is toxic (not very… but kitty won’t realise that she’s not meant to drink it all!)

You need a solution of between 3% and 5% boric acid, in a light sugar syrup. Any chemists out there feel like working out what that is in grams? It’s been a long time since I’ve had to do it.

We people gather the food, you ants eat the food, our cats eats the ants…

Peeing on the floor prevents the ants from visiting that spot again.

Ants are attracted to sugar and any other sweet stuff so I put my sugar in two different containerrs. First in an old coffeemate container then in a bigger one. You can also let it dangle from the ceiling. There’s no way they’ll find their way there.

Unless you have diabetes… then ants will just swarm to it.

Ants are attracted mainly by water. Make sure your sink and bathroom are dry when you leave…

as for cleaning up food and stuff…that’s a nobrainer.

They do not like hot pepper or RAID!.

I prefer RAID! :smiling_imp:

No need to make fun of my diabetes.

I have the same problem, several floors up in an apartment building. Odd thing, though, is that last summer, no ants to speak of. This summer, it’s nearly an infestation. The little tiny ones. They seem to be coming from cracks in the walls and often seem to cross recently-sprayed Raid barriers. I’ve even found them in odd places like the couch or the bed.

I’m a bit confused as to the next step. :grrr: