Getting someone to flash an Ericsson k750i

I am fed up with the huge deafening noise that this phone produces when the shutter goes off. It’s not just like a little beep to embarrass upskirt photographers (why do they do that? my digital camera has no sound is is perfect for… ahem) but rather it is a mighty electronic thunderclap that can be heard blocks away. It is actually louder than my Nikon film SLR - and that moves a mirror up, autofocuses a nine-element lens, then adjusts an aperature, runs a focal plane shutter across the back of the camera, drops the mirro, and then winds on the film with the motor.

So basically photographs of animals, people indoors, and anywhere where you’re trying to be unobtrusive is out of the question.

One solution I’ve heard is to change it into a W800 on which (for the extra NT$4000 it costs) the shutter noise can be disabled. THat phone also appears to have a flight mode which would allow you to take photos up stew… I mean “on the plane”.

I am willing to pay someone who knows what he’s doing either to delete the camera sound or to upgrade the phone to the W800 software, or to change the phone customisation to China which doesn’t have the shutter sound (for some reason). That would also give me pinyin.

Anyone know where I can find such a person/shop?

The phone is CID49, which apparently means all the free methods of frying the phone’s brain discussed on the internet by 12-year-olds don’t work. You need an adult with a dongle, apparently. Sounds fishy to me.

Don’t know if they can do that, but I once had a phone unlocked at a store on Fuhsing S. Rd. Walk from the Technology Building MRT station up torwards Hsinyi Road, the shop is on the right side shortly after the MRT station.