Getting tested for glaucoma

I have a history of glaucoma in my family, however, it’s not a big problem, but I need to keep on top of. Therefore, I need to get tested for glaucoma every now and again. Can someone a specific place in Taipei where they test people.


If you mean an intraocular pressure test (puff of air), then any hospital should be able to do it for minimum NHI fee.

The big optical shops (with resident ophthalmologist) will also test intraocular pressure and do retinal exams in addition to checking acuity.

BTW, what’s the chinese for glaucoma? So I know what to ask for.

So that’s what that is?! I had a big health check a few days ago and I had no idea what that odd little air puff was for.

Maybe when I get the results in a week or two I’ll ask here what the heck the numbers mean.

青光眼 qīngguāngyǎn