Getting the Taiwanese passport when my mother is Taiwanese

Hey all,

I just had a discussion with my mother (born in 1956) regarding me getting the Taiwanese passport (I’m currently 22). She’s telling me that I can’t get the passport without living in the country for a certain amount of time, yet I’ve read on here that I can get the passport but I might’ve mis-understood.

My current citizenship allows dual-citizenships and so on, so does the Taiwanese citizenship. The reason I want the Taiwanese passport is because my current passport is seen in a “negative” manner regardless of my backing and status.

Would I be able to attain a Taiwanese passport considering my situation?

You need to understand the difference between ROC nationals without household registration and nationals with household registration. Do some google search. The latter means taiwanese with full citizenship.

Where were you born? If in Taiwan, you can get a full taiwanese citizenship directly.

If not, what you can get now is an overseas taiwanese passport without identification number, which just shows at least one of your parents are with a Taiwanese citizenship when you were born. To get a full passport you can use abroad, you need to live in Taiwan for a certain period.

The following thread and other threads in this forum may help.

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That’s actually exactly what I wanted to read for sure. I was a bit confused regarding the household registration and I was slightly aware of the fact I can get a Taiwanese passport without an identification number, but thanks for clearing it up.

One last question tho, the passport without an identification number is basically just an ID am I correct?


It’s still a passport, so it’s a travel document.

Iirc there are some countries that grant visa free entry to holders of with-ID-number passports but not to holders of without-ID-number passports. But don’t quote me on that.

I think Wikipedia’s pages have enough details on your questions.