Getting to Kaohsiung coast - easiest way?

I understand there’s a ship wrecked off the coast of Kaohsiung, along Chufengbi Coast, Pingdong County, and I’m interested in seeing it.

I was wondering if there’s any easy way to get there via public transport, or if not, would a taxi from a nearby train station be too expensive?

It’s nowhere near Kaohsiung. You need to get to Jialeshui (near Kending).

take the train/HSR to Kaohsiung and then take the bus to Kending. I’m not sure if there is public transport to Jialeshui so you might have to take a taxi from Kending to Jialeshui (10-15kms).

Now the tricky part. You start your hike at the ocean park (not sure of the name) and you can hike along the ocean (pretty much all day) for 12 kms until you reach another road. The shipwreck is somewhere in the middle of that stretch. And then you need to arrange transport from the other end (absolutely nothing is there). Or hike back to Jialeshui and arrange transport (probably prearranged).

I’m hoping to go down there in a few weeks to check it out myself and can post better directions then. I have done the hike before (tiring) but the shipwreck just happened in September and it will probably get smashed up during the next typhoon season. It seems that the ship was being towed to a port where it was going to be scrapped but something happened along the way and they had to cut it loose.

Here are some photos of the wreck at Richard Saunders blog. … wan-hikes/

The easiest way maybe getting to Hengchun, then rent a motorcycle, or hire a taxi for a day straight from Hengchun to Chufengbi. Manzhou and Jialeshui are probably as close you are gonna get on public transportation, which are at least 2 hours from Chufengbi on foot.

I’m hoping to check it out on thursday or friday, 5/6 february 2015. Is any one interested in going together?

I did this hike yesterday and can offer some more specifics:

I parked my car at this ocean park: 佳樂水風景區遊園車售票處
I had a taxi meet me and take me to here: 國家公園警察大隊墾丁警察隊九棚小隊
Then we walked the coastline back to my car at the ocean park. The taxi cost NT$800

The hike was a real 6 hours. We kept a steady pace and didn’t take many breaks except for at the shipwreck. It was not easy walking as it is ALL rocky coastline. You definitely get a good ankle workout. Be prepared.

If you don’t want to commit to the full hike, the ship is much closer to the northern end. You could simply drive to the northern end then walk approx 1 hour down the coastline to the ship, then return back to your car/scooter.

Hope this helps!

thanks, i’m wondering if it’s possible to do this by taxi. In addition I think I can only arrive at kaohsiung by around 9 am. Getting to kending would take some more hours. Do you have a GPS coordinate of the ship? Is it south of 947屏東縣滿州鄉南仁路21號?

It’s 2 hours to Kending/Hengchun and probably another 45 minutes to the north end of the hike. That doesn’t include time spent finding a taxi that wants to drive all the way out there so I doubt that is enough time unless you just went to the ship and backtracked. You would probably have to pay the taxi to wait for you because there is absolutely nothing on the north end of the hike. You would also miss the coolest part of the hike (think Yehliu but not packed with tourists).

I don’t have a GPS of where the boat is exactly, but it is about 1 hour walk south of 947屏東縣滿州鄉南仁路21號.

There is a hostel at the south end of the hike: Winson House Maybe they could help you out with the transportation? The hike ends basically at their front door, so you could stay the night there after doing the hike as well. Would be much more relaxing than my 1-day trip from / back to Hsinchu…

But yeah, if you’re only getting to Kaohsiung at 09:00am you probably won’t have enough daylight to do the full hike.