Getting US dollars in Taipei

Hello guys, usually people ask about the best place to change theIr dollars into NTD but my question is the opposite.

I have been in Taiwan for about 6 months and am yet to find an easy and cost effective method of sending money out of the country. I am told online that any bank will transfer money to a foreign account for a small fee. However, this has not been my personal experience. I am with the Post Office Bank and they only transfer inside Taiwan. Other banks insist I must have an account with them to transfer with them internationally. Does anyone know a bank that CERTAINLY will transnfer internationally for a small fee?

Things have gotten so bad I was thinking of just changing my NTD for USD and taking it out of the country to Thailand where I have a couple of accounts. The limit is $10000–so no problem.

Even if someone can help with the transfer question, I’d still like to know a good place to change NTD to USD. I think smaller banks might not stock USD. I heard BREEZE has A money exchange and also inside Taipei 101–but do they also change NTD to USD?

Most banks have USD. I’ve never been to a bank in Taiwan where they didn’t have it. Some banks even have ATMs for withdrawing USD of Euros.

BOT, Bank of Taiwan. No need for account, they transfer just fine. At a good rate and about 400 NT$ per transfer. And exchange no problem.

I’ve sent money as well as received it (and exchanged it) through Mega Bank. I do have an account there, so you may need to get one as well.

Your question doesn’t match your title.

You ask about getting US dollars but you really are talking about a whole other subject.

There are places in taiwan to get USD.

And there are multiple ways to transfer dollars out of Taiwan.

So do you just want us dollars or you want to transfer to USA or you do want to transfer somewhere else?

And how much?

Common if you’re just taking a couple thousand us dollars then just go to a bank and get and carry.

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Is it possible to deposit USD into a Taiwan bank account? I have an FX currency account in my Taishin bank I wonder if I can deposit USD into it.

Yes, absolutely. There will be a fee though

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Yes I use Taishin, and I deposited USD and they call me in the phone and I said is was saving money from oversees. The fee was good, and the rates also, I change USD to TW and USD to JPY when I went to Japan. You can change in the app or online but I always went to the bank.

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Thanks I will try it


Thanks for your replies which were helpful. I went to Taiwan Bank this afternoon and opened 2 accounts: a local currency account and and a USD account. It all happened rather quickly and the USD account was their suggestion–though I was happy to accept.

What can I do with this USD account? Easy transfers at good rates from the bank? They never mentioned online banking and there isn’t any card. Can I withdraw the money from this account in USD?