Getting US Social Security Number for Child born in Taiwan

Hello everyone,

My child was born abroad in Taiwan recently to 2 US Citizen parents, so he has citizenship now (here’s my topic about that experience: TW mother having baby in TW, father is US citizen - AIT help)

I want to get a Social Security Number for him now, but it appears that it’s no longer supported by AIT as of October 1, 2017. Here’s their page about it:

It looks like they are deferring those services to the office in the Phillipines.

Does anyone know if it’s still possible to do this in Taiwan? My child will be coming to the states in September, so I could do it then, but I still wanted to see if there’s a way to do it in Taiwan ahead of time.

Thanks in advance!

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Just curious why he needs one right away…is he planning on working right away?

That was my first thought right away, but if he is (and should be) filing U.S. taxes, then it’s best to have the child’s SS# (needed on tax form), so as to get the credit for a dependent.

@rayman1031, did you happen to look around the SSA website for help, or have someone in the U.S. call them up on your behalf?

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Makes sense

Highway robbery!
Im applying now for my child’s social security number from within Taiwan and I am livid.

AIT cant do it.
It must be done through the Manila office. They require 3 different documents to be AIT certified. AIT charges $50 USD per certification. That is $300 USD for 6 documents for two kids. WTF!!!

Manila says you can avoid those fees by mailing them your originals…birth certificates and passports, and they will mail them back, but it takes 3 months to do.


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Didn’t AIT give you SS# and card via SSA when first applying for passport after birth under Birth Abroad certificate?
Or AIT no longer even does this?

they no longer do it

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That is buggers. Sorry to hear that.
Maybe some bureaucrat accountant thought, I know how we can save money AND charge more money to our citizens overseas.


more than $9,000 NTD to pick up a stamp and set it down 6 times…all in less than 60 seconds.



My youngest nephew and niece haven’t done their US citizenship yet. So the easiest and cheapest would be getting citizenship certificate and passport at AIT and getting SS card on their next trip to the US?

It will save you 300 USD applying for their SSN within the US.

But they need the parents original passports and the children’s original birth certificates or Consular Report of Birth Abroad.

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Thanks. My sister said they have English birth certificates from the hospital, but I’ll tell her to get the other certificate as well just to make sure.

It has to be the Consular Report of Birth Abroad issued from AIT not the Taiwanese birth certificate.

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Just wondering are your kids recently born? If so then the AIT in Taipei might do the notaries for free. When I applied for my kids CRBA and passport they told me when the passport came to come back and they would provide the notaries for the SSN for free. When I went back they did do it for free. I did all of this last September, so maybe they have changed their policies.

That would certainly be great!
But its been 3 years since our last visit. Worth a try.

Did AIT change policies recently? Notarization was free for me. But the passport and CRBA application was like $230 USD.

How long did it take for Manila to send the SSN card? AIT told me up to 6 months.

I recall notarization being charged per “case” not each individual document.
Their website says “per notary seal”. Wonder what exactly that means.
Hope it hasn’t changed.

If you get it the SSN sent to an address in America it only takes a couple weeks or a month. If you send it to Taiwan it takes awhile longer.

Damn, wish I had known that first. Can’t get the Child Tax Credit until I get the SSN, welp.