Getting your hair coloured - cost?

Hi all - I’m just wondering how much it costs (roughly) to get semi-permanent/permanent colour done at a hairdresser’s in Taipei, preferably one who speaks English, but not essential. I see from previous posts a haircut seems to cost NT$600 - NT$1600 (ouch!). I was hoping to pay around NT$2000 for colour and cut, but that might be a daydream here. Otherwise it’s back to the dreaded Garnier :? Thanks for any help.

Go visit William at Ecco hair. I think I had my hair cut and colored for around 2400. French guy, specializes in color… his info is on this board somewhere. If I can find it again I will post it-

At my wife’s shop it is NT2000-5000 depending on whether it is single color, multi-color, pattern, style, etc. She has a promotion now for 20% off if you have a reservation. for address and phone and some pictures. Ask for Maggie if you need English service.

I get my hair done at Mento (this chain store for hairs) and my hair-stylist, did a very good job at my hair!!! Cut would be around $1000 or less (depending on how long your hair is), Color would be around $2500 (also depend on your hair length and the chemical you used), perm would be around the same as well. But that is the going rate in Taiwan, unless you go to the local barber then grandma would only charge you for $300 for a hair cut. But then again, your hair would look like an old grandma, do you want that? :!: :wink:

:mrgreen: 1200 with student ID

Just to say thanks for all the replies! It’s nice to know before you walk in, and it is a bit pricier than I had thought, from the sounds of things. Wish I had a student card :slight_smile:

This may be a bit late, but try Diane, 2778 4733. She speaks good English, and already has quite a few foreign customers. She charges around 2,500 for a coloring, and I think that includes the cut if your hair isn’t too long. She’s located in the middle of Taipei, just behind SOGO.

There’s a map at her site Give her a call, she’s open Wednesday to Sunday 10am - 9pm.