GGG vs Canelo Two


Who is hyped for this fight ?

Who you got?

Where you watching?


Is MOD broadcasting this fight??


Seems no. Brass monkey will show. I will be forced to find illegal means to watch


Not much hype for this fight. Must be because has become tarnished after decision in fight one and the contaminated meat scandal


I am super pumped for this. What meat scandal?


so he got popped for roiding and blamed tainted meat lol wtf


Original rematch was planned for cinco de mayo but Canello popped for tainted meat


I had a draw. Possibly 7-5 ggg . No way can you have Canelo winning by two. Boxing is rigged


It was a poor decision, but not ridiculous enough to be rigged.


I thought this was about Camel Toe.

sorry, move right along.


Boxing corruption is more kinda implied than overt for the most part.

The A-Side pays the judges and refs salary as well as travel, food and accommodation. The fly them and their families first class, put them up in the best suites and feed them in the best restaurants in Vegas for a week. This is on top of shopping and other expenses.

The Aside cannot choose judges but they can away the decision and ask for certain judges to not be chosen by the commission. Thus, even though nothing may have been directly said between the judge and promoter, the former knows best to see things a certain way if they want to stay on the gravy train.

Other times there is just straight up bribery.

Same as it ever was


Of course boxing is as corrupt as tainted meat. However, dodgy decisions are more often down to incompetent judges. Adelaide Byrd, who only got the job because of her husband, was defended after the first fight because she was a judge trainer. Seriously? She’s doing the training!

IMO the only people who behave professionally in boxing are the boxers.


Yeah but isn’t it a coincidence that these incompetent judges are so often present at events with Golden Boy fighters?


Well, at least they’re both going to get a massive pay day for the third fight.

Talking of which, Mayweather’s gambling losses must be mounting as he’s talking about a rematch with Manny. That idiot will still be hauling himself into the ring in his 50s.


Maybe. The bigger problem boxing has, though, is rewarding wins by decision. Remove that and the limit on number of rounds fought, and the sport becomes far more brutal but it also renders points-per-round meaningless.

Let one boxer yield and you have a far clearer if far more brutal clarification of who fought a better fight. (yes, I’m aware of bare-knuckle fighting, its history, and its revival)

IMO it’s kinda silly to argue about any fight decided by judges. I think that if a fight goes the distance then it should be ruled a draw. That would make modern boxing more respectable, but also probably more boring.

I do think limiting the number of rounds is sensible, though. The game is damaging enough as it is.


Oddly enough concussive brain injuries are lower with bare knuckle fighting as the punches are lighter.


The decisions are all part of the entertainment. Controversial ones even more so. Boxing is just bread and circuses for the audience. Love it, though.