Ghost Festival Keelung 2017

Anyone have or know where to find a true published schedule of events and activities like when and where is the parade and other activities? Something published by or in coordination with the officials of the activities?

Anyone have information on specific dates of activities? Not the 11th day of the 7th lunar month stuff.

What date on the western calendar is the parade?

There’s this :

Dates : 2017/08/22 - 2017/09/20

The Mid-Summer Ghost Festival begins on the first day of the seventh lunar month, when Lao Da Gong Temple opens Kanmen, and over the next 12 days the lanterns are lit and colored thread released on Zhupu altar. The Ying Dou Deng procession takes place on the 13th day, the water lantern procession by the seashore on the 14th, the Ghost Festival ceremony on the 15

So that would make it September 3, 2017? (Counting 8/22 as day one, 13th would be September 3, 2017)

Lonely Planet has this:

Just plug in the start date and make your calendar from there.

My Keelung native friend told me the parade is Tuesday 5 Sep.

Does anybody know how to get back to Taipei Main Station or Taipei City Hall after midnight from Keelung by bus?