Giethoorn, Netherlands bungalow park cheats Taiwanese family out of 100 Euro deposit / on TVBS news

Seen on TVBS news today: Taiwanese family on a vacation in a Giethoorn, Netherlands bungalow park were cheated out of a 100 Euro deposit. The issue was the boat, available to the bungalow occupants, (supposedly) damaged before they even arrived. Conflict broke out with park attendants resulting in pushing and shoving, and (supposedly) a derogatory remark about Chinese (‘something’ 華人) was made. However, this remark is not included in the video recorded by the Taiwanese:

After the news spread the bungalow park has been under attack of one-star reviews…


Sorry I only read REAL journalism. Let me know when the K-MAN covers this story and I’ll be interested.



Thats a bit of an exaggeration…

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If someone call me a “fucking foreigner” can I sue them as well?

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I’d have preferred to hear the remark, but it seems to have been conveniently edited out. They might have a genuine complaint, but we know what the news here is all about… waiguoren = bad.

Was it even a Taiwanese family? I thought it was a group of male flight attendants.

That Dutch chap has a nice rack.

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be me
male flight attendant
go to the netherworlds on a holiday
rent a boat for me and my (family)
not understand how damage desposits work
lose some serious face
start yelling at people
calling everyone a racist
MFW I get on Taiwan news and make my country proud


Really? Do you have a link? Would be an interesting turn of events.

Not that there’s anything WRONG with that…

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The news report says mr. Song was taking his parents on this vacation.

What the heck happened anyway? Was the deposit for the boat or what

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Damages to the boat. The Taiwanese side alleges the boat was already damaged when they arrived.

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How do you reckon the odds that the Taiwanese side damaged the boat

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At least they never call us boring.:sunglasses:, now that would hurt!

Odds on, IMO. Is it a Taiwanese family? If so, son damaged boat. Parents don’t know he did.

Say what you will about the Taiwanese, but they are not strongly known for their boating skills. Skills for potentially retrieving a $100 deposit are another story :slight_smile: But one never knows.

The owner of the boat was an idiot not to do a quick check of it with the renters like they do when you hire a car. Learning experience.

In Taiwan it’s worth BIG NEWS! Because there is nothing else to report! 24h!

I lost my bond of much more than this on a car rental in NZ on holiday once. However it didn’t ever make the news in my home country of Australia?

Admittedly I didn’t fit the snow chains properly. And I was driving well over their recommended speed before they snapped and put great dents and scratches all over the paintwork around the wheel arches. And I did drive for a few hundred meters before bothering to stop and check the horrible hammering sound coming from the front wheels…