Girls holding hands

Is it just a Taiwan friendship thing or is it what I think it is.

The only reason I ask is I’ve seen it quite often since I’ve been here, more so then back home (the states).

Well maybe it’s not the only reason I ask. It’d also let me have freakish thoughts while riding the MRT :smiling_imp: .

In Taiwan, girls holding hands in public is common and has no sexual overtones.

Similar to when foreigner in his/her home country bumps into a good friend of the opposite sex. A quick kiss hello is normal. Nothing sexual.

It means exactly the same thing as the fact that guys here walk down the street arm-in-arm.

this is not just a Taiwan thing, you can see this (girls holding hand ) thru out asia.

And boys! :smiley:

It means the two women are very close friends, it’s normal and accepted.

It’s even common in Europe, too, seen it many times and it’s just a close friend-ship thing usually among teenagers.

If they are male however they are either Bangladeshi *) or gay …

*) No offense intended, but they are the only ones I have seen doing it without being gay (supposingly) …