Girls in Taichung

My wife and I have recently moved to Taichung; great for me and the kids with plenty to keep us busy. My wife is struggling, spending all day on her own. Does anyone know of any clubs, meeting spots, regular nights/days out etc that my wife could start to get involved in?? Comments appreciated she is slowly going crazy.

I am not in Taichung, but I know of this organisation:

Taichung has a very actice social scene so it shouldn’t be a problem for her to meet people. Tell her to head down to FM…

Taichung is the Las Vegas of Taiwan. If you want to keep your wife keep her at home :laughing:

I’ve met a few girls in Taichung… very traditional, yet very “friendly”. Quite a combination. One minute, sweet, innocent, and traditional, next minute, “las vegas”… They pull off the “san ba” trick quite well.

I don’t know of any…how old are the kids? My 11 and 12 year old are always looking for playmates.

Morrison School, even if you don’t attend, will let your kids join the after school events like softball and soccer. You can also meet people there.