Give me a work permit!

Between leaving the university and setting up my international company, I will be work permit-less. Who is willing to give me a work permit for a monthly fee, or to point me to someone who can provide one? Actually, I don’t need one, but best to be on the safe side in case any of my jealous, penniless enemies calls President Chen and asks him to kick me out of the country. ho ho ho

If you can’t read between the lines…I am not going to do any work for the work permit; I just want the permit. Money in exchange for work permit.

If you’re setting up a company, you’ll be entitled to a work permit as long as the foreign investment is sizable enough to get the business licensed and you turn over enough business every month.


I know ba. That’s why I wrote that I am looking for a work permit between the time I leave the university and the time I set up my company.

-10 points for you.