Give me some good diversification ideas for stocks or other asset classes

CCIV back from the dead, up 16%, also AMC

Funny how the tech stocks go all up and all down at the same time. Like a flock of sheep being chased by a dog.

End of month, added some cash to the account. Bought some Spotify.

Thing is, the market always tends to overreact. Down 15% yesterday? Chances are it’ll yoyo up today, regardless of the future prospects of this company. So I am expecting around 10% above the price I paid. Will I sell? Nah, never sell.

Also bought a bit of Kodak. No news, no rumors. Just a hunch that Kodak will jump like a flea some day again. And it will.

Also bought some BTBT. What are they doing? Exactly. Another crypto player.

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I gave up diversifying and bought more crypto with my cash. Specifically Ethereum.

Strong buying signal if true.

I have some cash in my stock account that I still need to invest though.

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Whatever happened to the SPAC craze, btw.? It’s almost off everyone’s radar it seems.

Just from speculators . Yes I can see that with the brand.

Good call, Scrooge

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Crypto “HODL” McDuck, sitting in his giant hardware wallet :laughing:

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Yellen has let the cat out of the bag, let’s see what Powell says.

Yeah, we’ll see how this affects Biden’s infrastructure bill.

Can’t wait for tech stocks to hit rock bottom :yum:

So Peloton (don’t own or want to, just follow with curiosity) are offering recalls on ALL of the treadmills with the gap at the back.

I thought they’d just issue some kind of free thing to attach to the back to close the gap there, but for whatever reason it’s a full recall with offer of a full refund.

After hours stock got hit hard (-15%), but man, it is gonna get thonked a lot further, I think.

Guess if you ultimately believe in them penetrating long term (I think they will, or a company like them will), severe discount incoming.

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Good choice. You’d have to get Amazon lucky to get returns as good as you will with ETH.

Even if governments try to shut down BTC someday, I think they’ll leave ETH alone.

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I think Peleton is going back to a $30 stock. People got to use the machine basically for free all during lockdown, and now as gyms reopen and businesses restart, I can see a lot of people returning it and not getting a new one when its fixed.

The only wildcard being if the vaccine doesn’t work against the mutations and lockdown occurs again. But I can’t see USA locking down again covid or not.

They were going down even before the recall

I see it going to the 60 level and then hovering around that for a while. Might consider buying some when that happens.

Why buy it ?
Buy something like AirBNB where demand is going to increase significantly again (most likely ).

I have AirBNB already. Peloton seems like a solid company, and it will likely grow, Covid or not. They have great brand recognition now, even if somewhat tainted at the moment. No one will remember in September.

In general, I don’t think everything will go back to how it was before 2020. This long period of staying home, has probably changed the mindset of a lot of people, making them used to the idea of being at home more often. Life and lifestyles have changed, so I think companies like Peloton and Zoom will continue to have good business post Covid.

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I think you’re right, I also think Brian is right in that there are better options out there…and ones in relation to the theory that things have changed permanently with work and leaving your home for stuff generally.

Again I’ve no personal interest, just follow it with curiosity based on the points you made. It’s less sticky than other ‘home’ industries I think, but if it shows to be sticky, it’s a stronger indicator of a transition in mindset to people realizing, hey let’s just stay home more to do stuff.

It ties into productivity as well so I think it will be sticky, even if it craters now and takes some time to work back up. I’m also talking this industry more than the company, without knowledge of their competition.

I’m taking the contrarian view here. Its not natural to stay at home so much and its hurting mental health. I can see everything going back to where it was pre covid…hiking, jogging, gyms, outdoor activities. But who knows.

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Have been working halftime home, halftime office for 20+ years now. I think it’s the best of both worlds, like living together but having two separate bedrooms.

Perhaps people have come to the realization that there are indeed alternatives in the working life that allow more freedom and better productivity at the same time.

I dunno.

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Wait until the 4-day work-week arrives someday during our lifetime.
Covid-19 upended offices and office-workers around the world.
If I was CEO of a company, I would give incentives to keep workers working at home.
My brother is a government employee and maybe once or week or less now goes into work.
People are working more efficiently from home, as they know they can do other things once they finish their work. Kind of how e-mail and the first years of the Internet helped increase efficiency and information flow significantly across nearly all spectrums of the labor force.