Glamour Shots

Glamour Shots in Taipei. i.e. Asian-style studio photos. Anyone ever taken any or know of someone who has? If so, and you can recommend a place, please let me know where and approximately how much it would cost. Thanks in advance!

You can have some pictures of me in my undies for NT$500 each. Can’t say fairer than that.

These places are everywhere, particularly in the Chientan night market area. And they are much cheaper than taking Glamour Shots in someplace like the States.

There’s a place called White Ladder in Taipei, but I don’t know their exact address. Also, bring your own clothes if you don’t like popular Taiwanese fashions or you’re not of typical xiao-jie build.

I’m sorry, we obviously have different definitions of the word “glamour”… :laughing:

Cost varies widely depending on number of shots, outfit changes, indoors or outdoors (expensive), and the final printing. The REALLY cheap packages (45 shots, 3 outfit changes, you choose 20 to put in a booklet) start at around 3500NT but I’ve heard of people spending up to 15,000 for a huge package of poses and prints.

If you need a photographer than speaks English, it’s naturally going to cost more. Otherwise, there’s a building in Ximending called “Wan Nian” (萬年) that has tons of studios.

There are two that I know of in Tien Mou on Zhongshan N. Rd. They should speak some English.