Glitter asphalt

Hey, what’s with all the sparkly roads?
Looks like there’s frost on the road surface.
I’ve occasionally seen it here in the past, but right now it seems to be everywhere.
WTF? I feel like I’m in Henry fuckin Porter and the University of Munchkins or something.

I’ll venture a guess that it’s a way to recycle crushed glass as filler in asphalt, and another guess that it improves traction. :idunno:

well my friend, that is actually what it seems - glass as a component in the asphalt.
they mix all kind of stuff into it, like old rubble and the lot, to improve the quality at higher temperatures (glass is a crappy temperature conductor) and to give the asphalt more stability. besides, it is a cheap way of getting rid of the stuff.
not a bad idea, in the light of it.

Is all this extra broken glass mostly on the roads leading from the pub to your house? Just wondering.

It freaks me out at night when I see it. Especially if it’s a patch up job. Looks like the road is scattered with glass, so I try to avoid it…but it’s actually the road…

What gets me is they tear this up for road works and lay tarmac over it.

Asphalt last 5 times longer than tarmac (from what I can remember).

they’ve been doing it in nyc for years. best way to get rid of all that broken glass

what the hell is the difference?