GNC or vitamin stores?

Does anyone know where I can find stores like GNC here? I really want to buy some vitamins and other herbal supplements. I’ve tried looking at Costco, RT Mart, Family Mart, etc. They don’t have a great selection.

If there is any pipeline for you from the US, you’d be better off getting them there. I stock up when I go home, or when I know someone traveling here from there.

But if you’re looking for a GNC in Taipei:

(sorry if the formatting is a bit off)

Zhongshan Branch	Zhongshan North Road, Taipei City, Sec 81 (opposite the Mackay Memorial Hospital)		TEL: (02) 2531-9774
Zhongxiao Store	No. 285 Chung Hsiao East Road, Taipei (SOGO renaissance Hall opposite)		TEL: (02) 2751-5468
Zhongxiao 2 stores	No. 226, Chung Hsiao East Road, Sec, Taipei (MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua Station Exit 3)		TEL: (02) 27718918
National Taiwan University branch	No. 238, Roosevelt Rd, Taipei (near Taiwan Power Company Building)		TEL: (02) 2369-5354
Dongxing Shop	Sec 86 Nanking East Road, Taipei City (opposite the China Development)		TEL: (02) 2748-4295
Living Mall	Bade Road, Taipei 138, Sec 4 floor (Jinghua City)		TEL: (02) 3762-1195
Eslite Lutheran	11 Song Gao Road, Taipei City B2 (Eslite Xinyi Flagship Store)		TEL: (02) 8786-1298
Sunbeam A8	12 Song Gao Road, Taipei City B2 (Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A8 Hall)		TEL: (02) 2345-1765
Shihlin store	Man Lam Road, Taipei, No. 205 (near the Shihlin night market. A small North St.)		TEL: (02) 2882-9753
Taiwan Medical Store	No.7, Zhongshan South Road, Taipei, B1 (National Taiwan University Hospital East Site B1)		TEL: (02) 3393-3568
Civil Rights Shop	No. 8-1 East Road, Taipei Civil Rights (Jung-hsing Gardens opposite. Near Longjiang Road)		TEL: (02) 2506-6851
Minsheng store	Taipei's Minsheng East Sec 16 (Restoration North intersection)		TEL: (02) 2528-7696
North store	Beixin Road, Hsin Tien, Taipei County, Sec 153 (near MRT 7)		TEL: (02) 2910-0857
Itabashi Shop	Panchiao City, Taipei County, South Gate Street, No. 9 (near Fuchu MRT)		TEL: (02) 2965-1631
Global Store	Taipei Hsien, Taiwan 122, Zhongshan Road was B2 (Global Shopping Center)		TEL: (02) 7731-8110
Triple store	Re Sanchung, Taipei County Road Sec 52 (near the rooftop Square)		TEL: (02) 2976-1226
Taoyuan store	No. 85 Zhongshan Road, Taoyuan City, (Near Temple)		TEL: (03) 335-0998
Chungli Shop	VI Jhongli City, Taoyuan County Road 84 (near the Pacific SOGO)		TEL: (03) 425-8091
Diamond shop	Lu Chu Hsiang, Taoyuan County Nankan Road, 5th Floor, No. 112, (diamond shopping center)

*These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

i went into a GNC once here and it is expensive. It’s expensive in the US but from what I can remember things are marked up substantially from the US prices. Someone correct me if I am wrong since I didn’t shop at GNC hardly ever in the US. One thing that I do remember was the boxes of EmergenC are 10-11USD (300-400NT) and they are 800-1000NT here IIRC.

Are you interested in knowing whether that stuff actually works? What do you think the FDA disclaimer is for? … SFeeds0312 … ry-minute/ … 1584.story

Why don’t you save yourselves some money, and eat a well balanced diet with fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and moderate amounts of meat, alcohol and sweets?

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I always stock up on vitamins while visiting the US.

GNC has many branches in Taipei (e.g. next to the Taipower building or across from the big new green Sogo), but it’s expensive as hell.