Go to a museum, who do you go with?

I want to visit Ju-ming’s park. Somehow I am not sure whether to go alone or with others. I usually visit a museum or gallery alone, but the trip to Ju-ming Park will be longer and probably take about 4 hours. I wonder–Who you do like to go with when you visit a museum?

Usually whoever says “yes” But I wouldn’t mind going alone.

Ju-Ming is great and it will be much better if you can go with a friend, because as you pointed out it’s a long drive to get there (but well worth it). I’ve gone 4 times: once with my wife, once with wife and friend from back home, once with wife and brother, once with wife and mother and, even by the fourth visit I still enjoyed it. It’s a lot more fun than the National Palace Museum, particularly if you go on a nice sunny day, as most of the sculptures are outside in lush green fields high up on the hillside, but I’ve gone in the rain too and it was still ok.

Part of the reason you should go with a friend is because after you see the museum you should go back down the hill and drive just a few minutes further up the coast to a great little port town full of back-to-back seafood restaurants. mmmmm. I capped off each of my 4 Ju-Ming visits with a meal down there. :slight_smile:

I enjoy visiting museums alone so that I have time to stir my brain and try to squeeze it. And maybe preserve what is squeezed out by ink. I like this. It show me that I do have a brain that works. I believe it would be nice if I had a husband to go with. :sunglasses:

By the way, seafood goes with Juming… sounds wonderful!

Fellar, see if Mother Theresa’s wife is available. :wink:

I like to go to the museums by myself, that way I can take the time to really browse around at my own pace. It gets boring and lonely but it is def. better than going with a friend who aren’t interested in it.

It’s such an art to visit a museum. I prefer to go with a nice friend of mine. You can still think something, and there’s always a nice guy who stands by and waits for you sharing something new to him. Kinda “laugh together”. And discussing some new things when you see any. I would take a friend if i visited there. I would take my bf(if i got one) or my classmates, even my mom(if she had interest). Well, just somebody I feel free to be with. :slight_smile:
This is what I think. But if you feel much comfortable to go alone, then just follow your heart.
Hope it’s helpful… :loco:

Until I was an adult, my only experiences visiting museums was being forced to go on some dumb school trip as a kid.
I’ve only been to 2 musuems since, both times with my GF. I’m generally a loner and I don’t like art, so being with her made the experience a lot of fun.
Why not find people to go down with you on the bus and agree to all go your own way if you want when you get to the museum? You can arrange a time to meet to take the bus back together. This way you can enjoy the museum at your own pace but still enjoy the company of others on the way down and back. You can all talk about the museum on the way back.
Does that help?

So what is feller’s decision…?