Go to a weekend market and make a new friend

Went to a new weekend at Former Tangrong Brick Kiln (Heritage park/events hall), near quiet section of the Love river (a bit inland from the habour). Anyways visited my new friend she sells scones and bakery items on some weekends as hobby/second job, and meet other young ladies selling items getting new Line friends haha. Relaxed, non business area, also good for families some activity area for kids too.

If you know any other ones post it !

Also visited Fang Liao, new shop in Arts Zone

Is this a restaurant?

The place in FangLiao has seats to drink and eat indoors in a bright modern area, cafe like with coffee and other light snacks with gift shop attached. Not full service but self serve. order at the counter

The fist one is mobile vendors, food , drinks and gifts.