Goddess to Lotus to Goddess - Its all good

A few days ago I was at the “Goddess of Fornication & Prostitutes” level. Then it changed to “Golden Lotus” level. Now, I’m once again a “Goddess of Fornication & Prostitutes”.

Grinch in the system?
Just curious…its all good.

Posts in the Temp forum disappear after two weeks, but I don’t think members’ post counts are updated very often. When they are updated, that brings the post count down hence the change in title. I think that’s the reason, anyway.

It happens to me all the time.

Yes, I did a resynch yesterday, so all posts have been recounted. Posts that have expired in the temp forum are no longer part of your tally. :slight_smile:

I’ve been “Drinks for the house!” for a while now. Must be due a change.


My post count took quite a hit too.
Gotta stay out of that blasted temp forum.

Nah, it was a joke. Never mind, it wasn’t funny.

Hah, I lost 400 posts!

The “Lotus” thing was a mistake that was quickly rectified. Your title is correct now.