Gogoro electric scooter


Wonder why the Penghu experiment failed. That’d be an excellent story.



At a guess, it’s probably an extremely short story.


The story may be short–but it is not finished yet. I have no idea if the following report involves Gogoro or some other scheme, but regarding electric motorcycles on Penghu, it seems the plot has thickened:

The central government is to invest a total of NT$45 billion (US$1.48 billion) by 2025 to make Penghu a “green” energy-powered county, Premier William Lai (賴清德) said yesterday during a visit to the island county.

Lai reiterated the commitment of President Tsai Ing-wen’s (蔡英文) administration to implement environmentally friendly measures such as the use of alternative energy sources in Penghu during his visit to check on its promotion of electric scooters.




Interesting letter from American visiting from China shocked about Taiwan’s scooter pollution. I haven’t heard anything about government plans to phase out gasoline scooters. Is there anything in the works?


thats cool and everything but i stopped reading after comparisons to china were made. i don’t even believe scooters were banned in china for environmental issues.


Being cynical, I don’t see how it would cost NT$45B to make Penghu “green”.There are 100,000 people on Penghu, so that’s NT$450,000 per person. Seems a bit unlikely, doesn’t it? You could install 5kW of PV and 10kW of heating on every rooftop, and give every adult a state-of-the-art electric scooter, for about a quarter of that.

Sure, I know, there would be some associated infrastructure, and if they’ve got any sense they’ll try to reforest the place, but I suspect this is the standard method of using big projects to funnel money into the pockets of favoured local businesses.


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Interesting? I find it hilarious that he said “I’ll tell my friends and family to stay away from polluted Taiwan” when he lives in China. Sounds like a load of crap.


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Ko Wen-je

For whatever reason, local governments in China drastically raised the licensing fees for gas scooters and so made electric ones more attractive to buyers.


“I am an American living in Nanning, China. I recently paid a visit to a family living in Taiwan. Upon my arrival in Taiwan I was shocked, stunned and in disbelief that Taiwanese were still using gasoline motorcycles.”

We could turn that around: I am a … and live in Taiwan. I recently paid a visit to a friend in the US. Upon my arrival I was shocked, stunned and in disbelief to see that many Americans still drive huge gas guzzling SUV’s. :roll_eyes:

He’s just talking out of his ass. He hasn’t seen a typhoon yet, after three months? Wow, miserable fail!


Just an old nutjob. I found his Facebook profile, it wasn’t hard. Just used his name provided and “China.” Turns out he’s only been in Nanning since June 14. It’s now October, that’s the better portion of 4 months. He claims to have been in Taiwan for 3 months, which would only make sense if he was in Nanning for 1 month.

Oh, and he can kiss Facebook goodbye. Can’t use that or nearly any other internationally recognized website over there. And I’ll mention, many Americans pride themselves in using gas guzzling pollution machines. Yet he really felt it necessary to shame and heckle a country he’s a guest in.

Fuck that guy.


I also saw the electric scooters back then, this is sad news that it wasn’t maintained. I can guess money changed hands.


All the dirt in Taiwan flies in with the North-Easter winds from … China!:smirk:


Went to 小琉球 (xiao liu qiu) a couple of weeks ago and there is a Gogoro shop there renting out the 1st gen scoots. Saw several around the little island.


Did you rent one out?

What Taipei district should they renovate next?

Hostel/scooter rentals were already arranged, so I unfortunately didn’t get one. If I was the one doing the planning and had known about it, definitely would have done what I could to get one.


This is interesting. No information, though, as to whether it will be compatible with Gogoro, or if it will use some other standard.


Not too many details from that article, but one can only hope that a Gogoro charge station will be available at every CPC gas station. Right now it’s only a select few.

From my sales rep at Gogoro, it’s not because CPC sees it as competition, but mostly because it’s not easy pulling the electrical wires and securing the space.


Some brightspark will probably decide to build their own batteries.