Gogoro electric scooter


Why did I see one of my neighbors carrying two Gogoro batteries, one in each hand, as if they were milk jugs/gas bottles on the MRT?


Maybe your neighbor needs to ride the MRT to get to the closest battery station? If so that seems a shame but, like Ubike, hopefully the locations will continue to increase.


Did he leave the lights on, maybe?


Your neighbor’s GGR probably ran out of battery. Since he/she cannot move the vehicle, they have to bring the batteries to and from the vehicle.

You can go to the charge stations and swipe with your key to have them release two in case you need extra batteries.


So I put together a simple guide on those curious about purchasing a Gogoro.

Government incentives are being adjusted in a month, so I hope those hesitant about purchasing can find use to this.

Feel free to give me any feedback on the content and writing. Always looking to improve.


New news on Gogoro sharing their battery swapping tech.


It’s funny that after Gogoro declared their battery swapping tech would be free of licensing for others to use, and the government declaring it would be the new national standard, all gas burning scooter companies are still going to develop their own battery swapping tech XD


This might come as a surprise to all of you but I’m a huge Gogoro fan


Gogoro CEO: Dear world, take our tech, use it for free.

World: FUUU


Since no one posted photos of it, I present to you Gogoro 2 Deluxe:


When do we get the stretch version for trips with extended family? :grinning:


Don’t get me wrong, I want this to work as much as the next guy and for the company to take over the world, but is it the following that’s perhaps proving to make things difficult (taken from the TT article)?

To be compatible, new electric scooters need to be equipped with Gogoro’s control units, Luke said.

The owners of compatible scooters would also have to subscribe to Gogoro and pay a monthly fee to access its battery-swapping stations.


This company is reminding me more and more of Apple. Not a good sign.


So let’s go Android and get some choice in the market.


Yeah, I’m sure they could have figured out a better implementation than this. IMO Apple shot themselves in the foot with their complicated proprietary interfaces and licensing model.

I can understand charging a fee to access the battery-swap network (which costs a shitload of money to build and operate), but making people use Gogoro electronics? What’s wrong with just publishing your interface specs?


That’s not a very good design. The footwell is too small for the plastic chair on which to perch your toddler. I doubt you could even get a six-foot ladder crosswise in there.


Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t want to have an “integrated consumer experience.” I just want to use the damn product…or not. So many people get sucked into the Apple universe and never make it out alive. It’s like they’ve replicated the “company store” model on a global scale. I can see why Gogoro would want to emulate the Apple model though.


I disagree!
They are allowing others to use the battery swapping system for the purpose of propelling a scooter. Their interface is necessary to assure uniform and proper use of those batteries.
If not, what keeps people away from using those batteries for other purposes instead, thus breaking/damaging them.
I would buy and electric bicycle that uses their system. That’s anyway what I think some company should do.


The point is they’re not forcing people to use their interface (which would be perfectly sensible). They could even have a testing programme to ensure compliance. However, it seems they want “compatible” manufacturers to use all or most of the Gogoro powertrain. Which basically means they have to produce Gogoros.


That’s not what I extracted from the article, but if you are right, then it’s not very good.

The company is waiving all licensing and royalty fees for electric scooter makers that use Gogoro batteries and its battery-swapping network, Gogoro cofounder and chief executive officer Horace Luke (陸學森) said at a news conference in Taipei.

To be compatible, new electric scooters need to be equipped with Gogoro’s control units, Luke said.