Gogoro electric scooter


ah … I wonder if by ‘control unit’ they just mean the security subsystem that prevents people charging their own batteries? I initially assumed they were referring to the motor drive and BMS.


I think the subscription is a way of keeping track of their batteries. After all, it’s not like buying gas, after you drive away with it, it’s all yours. If someone just goes around taking batteries and not returning them, tracking them down isn’t going to be easy without subscription. You also don’t want to promote people doing around taking batteries out of parked gogoro, and go and swap it for a new battery.

It’s kind of like the U-bike. If you want the darn thing returned, you need to know who to hold accountable for it.


未來其他車廠使用Gogoro電池、換電系統以及電控系統(Control Unit)所製造的電動機車,都會獲得Gogoro的電池交換系統專利授權,不需另收權利金(License fee)

So by “control unit,” it seems it’s an electricity control unit. Doesn’t seem like a small piece of equipment, if you ask me. And as finley pointed out, why not allow the other manufacturers make their own? Just provide them the specs (and I’m sure they could reverse engineer anyway- couldn’t be too complicated). I imagine there could be some concern with ruining the batteries if not manufactured to a high degree of quality, but again, doesn’t seem that difficult for Taiwanese manufacturers.

The subscription, I can kind of see the point made by hansioux, but perhaps allowing a third party handle this? The government? Anyway, I can understand why other manufacturers wouldn’t be too excited about this.


My grasp of technical terms in Chinese is a bit shaky, but ‘電控系統’ does sound like the actual motor drive. Since electric vehicles typically have very tight integration between motor, drive and BMS, the implication is that third parties will basically have to buy the Gogoro drivetrain.


You could be right. Then what are they giving away for free, I wonder? Without requiring a licensing fee? Very odd. But I do hope they get this all worked out. It would be so cool to see the switch to electric take place.


The drive-train, drivetrain-controller and the BMS Battery Management System have nothing to do with each other. The drivetrain-controller only cares about the AH or Or W it can extract at any given time from the battery. The BMS could limit this to a certain desired amount in order to protect the cells.


The battery issue has only one purpose and that’s to trick people in the talking about it on forums.


Well … yes and no. If (as I suspect) Gogoro are pushing third parties to buy their motor drive, but what competitors really want is the battery (and charging infrastructure), then they’re more likely to say, ah, whatever, we’ll just have the motor was well. The point here is that the control algorithms are tuned to the motor, and Gogoro also have some proprietary battery-management technology that optimises energy flow under different driving conditions. So, basically, we’re going to end up with a lot of Gogoro clones that are basically the same under the hood.


I need a new smartphone. I also need a new scooter. Isn’t there some packaged deal related to getting on a smartphone plan and getting a good deal with a Gogoro scooter? Also, can I get any type of government rebate for my 2-stroke scooter that I basically want to trash after buying a new scooter?


Just saw this. Good info.


Telecommunication company FarEasTone smartphone clients that have signed a two-year binding contract will be able to purchase the ergonomic electric scooter Gogoro 2 at a bargain price of NT$19,700 (US$654.16), making it cheaper than an iPhone, said Gogoro founder Horace Luke (陸學生).

FarEasTone clients paying a monthly fee of at least NT$1,799 over a period of two years, will be given the option to buy the scooter at a discount price, and given an additional NT$5,000 worth of accessories.

For non-FarEasTone clients, government subsidies will slash the cost of the electric scooter from the original retail price of NT$73,800 to NT$44,800, and the lowest price for acquiring the smartscooter for users trading in an old bike for a new one is NT$38,800.

I think I’ll go visit the store by my house and talk to them. Don’t know about that high monthly rate for the smartphone, though. Need to crunch some numbers.


You just missed the discount rate of 399NT for unlimited data from CHT. Best to ask your nearest Gogoro dealer what the cheapest way to buy is.

Don’t forget to add me as a recommendation when and if you buy!


Yeah, I’ll go talk to them. I don’t really want to switch to CHT from Taiwan Telecom (or whatever is the English for Taiwan Da Gu Da), but would have considered it for a good deal on a Gogoro. But I see now it’s not all that great a deal. I’ll let you know if I buy one.


Taiwan telecom still has some deal going. I think it’s 599 for unlimited 4G. They remind me to tell my friends every time I go pay my bill. It’s either 499 or 599.


It won’t be the phone plan that kills you nowadays, the cost of the phone will.