Gogoro monthly scooter rental in Taipei?

Can anyone recommend a scooter rental shop in or near Taipei where I can rent a Gogoro scooter at long-term (e.g. 3 months) rates?

I found a place called ZOCHA on Google. Google says they do long-term rentals for around NT$5500 / mo, but their site doesn’t mention anything about it so I reached out over email; will see what they say.

Another thread on Forumosa recommended a place called tourGo, but they’re based in Yilan which is a bit far.

why not try Go-Share , I-Rent , Wemo?

This is the price chart , NTD per minute (6 mins fixed rate)

WeMo monthly fee plans

Keep in mind that you will need a valid Taiwan driving license for motorcycles



I want to be able to take the scooter on multi-day trips around the island (a 環島), whereas GoShare/WeMo/iRent’s pricing only makes sense for short-term (e.g. a few hours) trips. So they won’t work for me.

I’m interested too… keep us posted!

Not to me it doesn’t. Might as well be in Chinese

However, doing what I could with Google Translate, I looked into this a bit last week for a possible day rental in Kaoshiung.

Conventional scooter rental from 555 (quite near the station) started at 350 NT a day (24 hrs), English spoken. The other two places I asked at nearer the station were 400 and 500, Great Wall of Chinese, and the 500 place was pretty unpleasant with it.

(Last time I rented a scooter in Tainan they were 100NT a day, but that was when you could get 50cc 2-strokes, and the day was same-day return, not 24 hrs)

Google translate of the second source suggests the i-Rent maximum daily rental is 300NT, so its slightly cheaper, but not enough to compensate me for the hassle and frustration of registering on a Chinese website and dealing with battery and area limitations.

General plans for WeMo, i-Rent and GoShare seem to work out at 150NT an hour. That’'s only going to be a viable alternative in unusual circumstances.

Any news on this?

The website does now give details for monthly rentals. Gogoro 2 plus for 5500 pm