Gold ARC Pickup location change

I have received my Gold ARC Residence Certificate. I will need to pick up the physical card in Taiwan. I’m not sure that I specified the pick up office on the application. Questions:
A) Can I just go to my local office to pick up the physical card?
B) Do I need to direct it to a specific office in Taiwan?
C) I tried to look on line to verify and or change the pick up location. Did I miss it on the site?


I’m pretty sure you have to specify where you want to pick it up during the application process. Log in to the website and look under the “Location of Collection” heading, which should say something like “Taipei City Service Center”.

I think it’s also printed under the “Remarks” section on the payment receipt, which you need to print out to collect the card, e.g., “領證服務站: 臺北市服務站”.

Thanks for the feedback. I checked the site and there is no specific or similar pull down menu for that. I also double checked the receipt and there is no location listed. I google translated every bit of Chinese. The Gold Certificate says: Resident Certificate Collection Office. I’m thinking I suggested I would pick it up in London TRO. The London office just suggested that they would not in fact deliver the physical card to me. They just said that I go to the “immigration agency” So maybe any immigration office? Thoughts?

In your original application, you selected the pickup site from a drop down menu. It was on page three of your original application. You can look at your original application by selecting “Case Status Check” from the menu.

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I don’t know what you’ve done then. It’s still there in my application, in the compulsory “Location of Collection” field under the “Resident” heading, unless they’ve changed the layout of the site since I applied in January.

I checked they “case status page” and did an enquirer, all “status” say “no data at this point.

Andrew: what site are you looking at? I’m looking on the in the Foreign Professional Online Application Platform.

The gold card application website - I think there’s only one, right?

You might need to go to “Case Status Check” and search for your application by date range or whatever, then click on “View”.

Yeah, same one I have been checking with. I can get all my Certificates and receipts et. Checking case status just gets me “no data” checking “All” or IC card etc.

This is correct, it’s a mandatory field so you can’t complete your application without selecting a pickup location.

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If you don’t enter all the fields correctly in “Case Status Check”, it will return no data. You won’t get an error message. It’s one of the quirks of the website. If you’ve applied, you can review your application here, even if it’s still in process.

Did you fill in a date range that includes the date you applied? (It can be a broad one)

It seems to be only the date range that’s a compulsory field. Everything else can be left blank/at the default setting, at least in my case.

Andrew: OK, I put in all my info other than my name it it worked! Strange, but not surprised. So I found out that I selected the UK TRO office as I guessed. I will for this our with them to see if they will in fact receive this from them (they said in the past they would not) or if I can direct the card to my soon to be local office in Taichung. Thanks for your help sorting this!


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Hello Forum,
I am trying to CHANGE the pickup location of my Gold Card. Right now I am in Los Angeles, but my Gold Card is going to Taiwan (KS). How do I change the location of pickup? I can’t find the link on the website. I also heard you have to pay a change fee.

I would rather use the PDF to board the flight, because it’s faster. But the local TECO office is telling me I need the original card in order to apply for a dependent visa for my child. I have heard other families have used the PDF but my local office is saying no. How do I convince them?

Otherwise, how do I change my gold card pickup location?