Gold ARC Spouse NHI timing

In looking over the new Gold Card page, there was a comment regarding the 6 month waiting period for normal ARC card holders . The page said “ At present, you must reside in Taiwan for a consecutive six-month period (or leave only once for less than 30 days) and apply My question is does the one month max out of Taiwan apply for spouses of Gold Arc holders? I know that Gold ARC holders are qualified upon arrival.

Gold card holders (who don’t have a regular job) also have to wait 6 months - there’s no automatic NHI eligibility with the gold card*. The economic immigration act may eventually change that, but given how long it’s been taking to pass so far I wouldn’t hold your breath.

*Some earlier sources about the gold card may suggest otherwise, but they’re wrong.

If you are employed as a foreign professional, your dependants get NHI immediately with you.

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