Gold Bond/Foot powder

I’ve been looking for foot powder. My feet sweat a lot on a daily basis, but all I can find in Taiwan is shoe spray - I can’t find anything for my feet itself. Has anyone had any luck finding Gold Bond powder or other powder you can put on your feet before heading out to help keep the sweating down?

have u tried talcum?

actually, my friend is a podiatrist. he says that you can even use deodorant (the roll-on stuff) for your feet if you have persistent problem with keeping them dry especially in this here climate.

I use baby powder. Works just fine.


A few weeks back I saw some imported foot powder in Jasons supermarket (Tien Mou Takashimaya Department store). Not Gold Bond brand but labeled foot powder.

Bumping this.

Has anybody ever found Gold Bond in Taiwan?

Never. I always do an annual order from Amazon

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